Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Where can I show my art?

I am certainly not the expert here, but I have a found a few resources for places and opportunities to exhibit  artwork. It seems that this month, I have run into a few artists that keep wanting to know where to show work. So here you go.... Please note, that most of this opportunities ask for a showing fee and are juried.  Most of them are of interest to me - women only and recycled and/or natural materials. 

Art Calendar, now known as Professional Artist. In the back are wide range of shows, exhibits, fairs - you name it. 

Women's Caucus for Art. Sorry, gents, this is ladies only. Your local chapter has a website and you receive lots of opportunities locally and nationally to exhibit work. This one in particular looks interesting - Man Up - No Balls About It. Deadline: May 15. 

A.I.R. gallery - hurry the deadline ends May 30. Again, sorry gents. This is for their 10th biennial women only show.

Interested in using recycling materials? Check out the open call from the Islip Art Museum: The Garbage Barge Revisited: Art from Dross

Gallery U

HURRY FOR THIS ONE! It's due April 30.

Vox Populi in Philly has an open call

Some websites that have on going information:
In Liquid:

Nuture Art

Cafe Art

This came to me from a fellow Moore grad - Need grant money - check this out:

Where do I find this listings? I scour the internet, friended arts groups on twitter, linkedin, and Facebook, read art and sculpture journals. Bookmarked every gallery, museum, resource site that fits my interests.  I  have joined my local WCA chapter, county arts council, local art museum, and spend endlessly hours looking to get my work out there.  I share resources with friends and hope that they reciprocate. It is just important for me to share my voice with the world as it is to make the work. It is a basic human need to express one's self. I do it through it making stuff. If no one sees my work, then I feel like I am talking to the walls.  

Please let me know you if you applied for these shows and get in! I would love to hear about your good news. Also, feel free to share some opportunities on  the comment section or on my studio facebook page.

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