Friday, May 25, 2012

Making a wish

I have been wondering how can I live off my art? Somewhere I read that only 2% of artist are lucky enough to have that happen. So my next goal is set- how could I work as a part time teacher and live of my art? Fortunately, my work is represented by Accent Gallery. But not all my work. So I decided to sell some of my paintings and drawings on Esty. Here's my Esty store. It's called Laura Cheney Studio. Please take a visit. Only two pieces are up - I hope to upload more within the next week.
I don't know if  revealing my hopes and desires is a good thing - but I am putting it out there. One of my favorite bloggers, Danielle LaPorte, has this whole bad ass attitude of asking the universe for what you need. It makes sense. How can anyone's needs be meet until those needs are identified and asked for. So, universe, here you go. I need to make more art, to tell my story, and I need more time during the week to accomplish this dream. I also need more money to make more art. I want to continue to teach art to students  - because there is nothing more magically than  sharing my skills with others. When a child learns to draw a dragon, makes green paint, or cuts a triangle -  WOW! No words can describe that transaction of magic. But I want to do this for three days a week and spend four days creating my own magic. So, please visit my esty store. Buy some art. Help me live the dream.

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