Sunday, May 13, 2012

Monmouth Festival of the Arts

This week I stretched myself a little bit more than usual. I taught a class to adults for the Monmouth Festival of the Arts. Giving  presentations to other art teachers is something that I have done in the past. But the audience is art teachers, like me. We're a certain breed.  I wasn't sure who would be in attendance for this presentation. I selected printmaking as the topic and in the booklet describing the workshop, I suggested to bring a drawing. This way we could start right away.
I am not sure why I had the sudden courage to say, "sure, let's teach perfect strangers for few hours." But that little voice in my head said "try me" and then followed by the heart which said "go on."  The lesson was great. I enjoyed teaching about 12 adults - all women. A few were former art teachers, some were artists in other life time and were recontacting with that spirit, and some decided to just understand more about art. They were the very courageous ones - those who made art for the first time. Wow! One woman had her granddaughter's drawing. To commemorate the day spent with her granddaughter, she was going to reproduce that drawing into a print. The woman made several prints - all more beautiful than the last. I wish I could have seen the granddaughter's face when she witnessed the beautiful prints her grandmother made from her drawing. Could the afternoon have been more touching? The women had made butterflies, Celtic symbols, fish, sail boats, plant leaves, abstract design, birds, Hebrew sayings, abstract floral swirls, smiley faces. I wanted to hug them all and say how wonderful their work was and how proud I was of them.  It was really beautiful. The afternoon was magic. For more on the magic of being open to new experiences - please read Brene Brown's Ordinary Courage Blog. I love this blog and it has inspired me tremendously to try new things and experiences. 

Here are my favorite pieces from the festival. The opening gala on May 5 was wonderful. There were plenty of appetizers and refreshments. I was particularly impressed with the fiber artists this year. It seems to me that were more fibers than previous years. 

There are many reasons why some work appeal to me than others. It could be the color, like in this knit piece. The texture and layering - Monika McCall's piece. The honesty in handling the subject matter - as in William Unger's and Art Nelson's works. The skill in craftsmanship - Patricia Hutchinson. Or the appeal was in my personal obsession of crows - Judith Luke's piece. There were so many wonderful works of art that evening - but these were the ones that I was grateful to have seen.
knitted shawl - my apologies to the artist - I couldn't find a name...

No Chocolates by Patricia Hutchinson

Auger by Judith Luke

Circles by Monika McCall
detail of Circles, Monika McCall

Red Poppies by William Unger

Cloudbursting by Laura Petrovich-Cheney

Two Bass off Belmar by Arthur Nelson

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