Saturday, May 19, 2012

Road Trip

I love a road trip. I love it even more when it’s with good friends. Last night, Kim Defibaugh, Elisa Waller and I went to the Noyes Museum in Hammonton, NJ. There was a great cut paper and sculpture show there. Kim has been working in cut paper and tape and wanted to see the show. Elisa and I were up for it. The work was wonderful to look at because of its intricate cutting. This is particularly true of Beatrice Coron’s Tyvek pieces. Each of her pieces told many, many stories. Coron’s ability to capture reality – like walking the dog, hanging the laundry, played beautifully against the fantastical cut work of children riding a bird, a spider the size of a house. Her pieces had a remembrance of Hieronymus Bosch. There was a piece  by Rebecca Gilbert entitled Raised Bed Fortune Patch, that was clover in a dirt as the installation. I enjoyed that one because paper became sculpture. The evening was followed by dinner and walk around Hammonton. The evening was memorable because the friendship between the three deepens. Conversations about work slip away into more personal conversation about past lives, loves, worries, and joys. Layers of lived experience between the three of us become more meaningful over time. Like our drive through miles of blueberry fields, pine lands and marsh fields on our way home. There’s magic in time spent with friends and seeing the friendship thrive.

Beatrice Coron, Branching Out

Beatrice Coron, Playland


Rebecca Gilbert, Raised Bed Fortune Patch

Natalia Hayes, Lace 1

it was oldies car night in Hammonton

Kim & I had a show here in 2005

There was a cherry on top of this evening, too. Elisa had given me a side piece of a wooden boat. This gift ranks as one of the best gifts ever. My first piece that I will make from this boat is going to be called “From Elisa.” A kind of play on words and reference to Beethevon’s “For Elisa.” 

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