Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lauren Curtis talks about finding the right gallery

My Gallery U Experience  by Lauren Curtis

Any working artist can tell you how difficult it is to find that perfect gallery that's a fit for your artwork as well as your personality!  As a full time artist for the last several years, I'm lucky enough to have worked with a few such galleries and most recently, Gallery U in Red Bank.
Enligtenment, digital & 35 mm photo
A few months ago, director Robert Langdon found me via an online search and emailed me about participating in the gallery's first in a series of month long group exhibits and I was thrilled to be a part of it.  Not only was I impressed with the gallery space but the great work they do for people suffering from traumatic brain disorders.  To me, art is a form of expression and can be used to help people and shed light on issues that might not otherwise receive the attention or understanding they deserve.
Mourning Tree, Oil Diptych
So, I had 3 pieces in the premier group show and was impressed again by the fantastic turn-out for the opening night.  Robert and the staff made it a special event by including live music and delicious (and abundant!) food and beverages.  Their promotion of the event was excellent, which is not always the case when doing art events.  After this, I was asked to continue participating in these monthly shows and sold a piece by the 2nd exhibit!  I'm now proud to list Gallery U on my resume as representing me and I'm really looking forward to the July and August shows, in which I will have a photo and an oil painting.   (I've included all the pieces the gallery has accepted for past & future shows).
Budapest Fiddler 2, 35mm photo
Budapest Fiddler 1, 35mm photo
There are many galleries and exhibit opportunities for artists out there but not all of them are a good match, but so far my experiences working with Gallery U have been exemplary!  Being someone with an OCD personality (self-diagnosed...and friend-diagnosed, LOL), I'm a stickler for details, communication and organization and have often had negative experiences working with other venues but Robert ALWAYS responds to emails ASAP and is on top of everything that needs to be done to run a successful show and art space...all that and the fact that they're an organization striving to help others and you have a great venue to work with!

Dream of Trees, Oil

Hopefully this will encourage you to attend some of the art events at Gallery U...and maybe even make an art purchase?  The art is extremely affordable as nothing is priced over $500 and not only will you get a unique, creative piece of art but you'll be helping the local artist community and the mission of the gallery as well!  Looking forward to seeing you at the next show...

Inner Voice, digital photo collage
~Lauren Curtis
Visual Artist, Franklin Park, NJ & fine art), T-shirts, photography, illustration)  (my Blog) Fine Art Page)
Micro/Macrocosm Tree, digital photo collage
AWARD WINNING piece that sold at the show,
Prints are available by contacting Lauren Curtis



  1. Awesome pieces, Lauren! Wish I could be there to see them in person.

  2. I admired your work when you exhibited at the Gourgaud Gallery. Your work is thoughtful, beautiful and I love the element of mystery that your art shows. Wishing you all of the best.