Friday, June 8, 2012

reflections of the week and a list of rambling of thoughts

This week marks the last full week of teaching. Only 4 half days left! Since there were no snow days this winter, we’re getting out earlier than years past. It is like getting an extra week. I cannot wait to be employed full time in my studio... so many ideas are bouncing inside my head...
But in the meantime, I need to say this...
Branding my image....
In my "Blogging from the Heart" class, ideas of branding have come up for my website, blog, twitter.  It is such challenge to select an image or concept when your interests are diverse. One brand that I love is Jo Malone. That off white and black is just lovely. Read how they describe the brand. Lovely, right? Why didn't I think of that first.

An understated style. Defined by an unconventional sense of sophistication. With taste that is rarified, yet a touch audacious. Timeless and elegant . . . but always infused with a charming dash of wit and whimsy.

Really cool artist....
I just met a really cool artist Lauren Curtis in the digital world. I love her work, her earthy spirit and her blog. Stay tuned; she may be a guest blogger here and I on her site. Lauren's blog; Lauren's website.  Lauren's connection to nature, her courage to be a free lance artist really drew me to her work. Love that kind of energy!

A new photography blog
Pollinator and Artichoke Plant, Jen Steel
I am so proud of my cousin Jen Steel. It is great to know that someone else in the family loves blogging, photography and art. We're on the opposite end of the USA - but connected through the internet. Please check out her work! 

Health and fitness....
Juicing is my newest rage. For about four months, I have been juicing when I come home from school. This has really helped me stay lean and healthy.

In April,  I realized that I had plantar fasciitis.  If I were to tell you that I am on my feet ALL day - it would be hard to believe. But even during my lunch break and 40 minutes preparation class, I am standing. I teach on a cart - so I need to load and unload the cart in between classes.  I walk around to teach and see how the children are doing. My job is literally costing me my health.  Zumba and cross training have been on do not  do list. It really makes me sad not to dance. But I need this foot to heal. I have picked up spinning instead. Since my exercise has been reduced, I have been afraid of gaining weight – juicing has helped. I totally love my Breville Juicer. I am so grateful for this appliance!

Food and Art
Love, love this blog! It is called They Draw & Cook.  Thinking about what I could submit.

Beautiful poem...

 A blogger, Sandra Rosa,  perfectly wrote the feeling of the “daily grind” - the pangs of responsibility to work and the pull of being home.  The poem is called Procrastination.  I just adore Sandra's blog and her little, gorgeously cute dog, Taxi. 

Arctic Circle
The Arctic Circle Residency
Diane Burko will be on the 2013 Arctic Circle Residency. She's an amazingly accomplished artist. We're getting together at the end of month to talk snow. Read about my adventure here: Arctic Circle

Have you stopped by my esty shop? Please visit Laura Cheney Studio and purchase some art your home. 

Some BIG dreams...
Seriously – I do love teaching, but I love creating art and making my talents into a business more.  Someone really smart and successful told me that I can’t serve two masters – teaching art and making art- and that I must choose.  Those words have never been truer. Each weekend, after working for hours in the studio, I realize that it may be a real challenge to be successful in the art world working part time. I am beginning to lay out plans on how to be a full time practicing artist and teach part time. In other words, to reverse the present situation. 

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