Saturday, June 16, 2012

summer has begun

School ended for me on Monday. The last three days were bereavement days for Jay. Officially, though, school ended Thursday. Summer has begun.
I know that I need about a week to clear my head from teaching, this grief of losing my husband's brother and best friend, and to get organized so my immediate plans for the summer are to paint the house this weekend. Nothing clears the head like receptive motion of house painting and the crisp, clean smell of fresh paint. This week I will write a curriculum for the New Jersey Museum of Contemporary Art 's new exhibit with my cousin Roslyn Esperon, who is a museum educator. June 25 the studio hours officially begin with hours of 8am - 6pm. I am ordering some new painting supplies, dumpster diving for old wood, and oiling the chain saw for a big sculpture. My more long term plans are to make some work for the Noyes Museum exhibit this fall. I plan on revamping my website a bit, taking a  one-day video workshop at the local community college and prepare a marketing plan. I am also curating an art exhibit in September for art teachers in Red Bank. I wanted to provide art teachers with an opportunity to have their work exhibited and possibly sold.  It will be a big summer. 

I am excited for this new adventure of thinking how I will develop my art career a year after my MFA. Answering questions, finding new paths, taking new risks... it is very exciting.  Jay’s death has changed my life. My husband and I will never be the same with him gone. But this change offers new possibilities and hope. I want to hold on to more of what I love because life is more delicate than I realized.

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  1. So sorry to hear of your family's loss Laura. I will pray for you all.