Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Asbury Park - July's First Night!

Excessive heat and turbulent thunderstorms left the sky a strange glowing green-gray. The light was eerie but alluring– perfect for walking around Asbury Park’s first night gallery hop. A buzz was about the town.
Our first stop was Parlor Gallery’s “Chroma” show.  (Please note that all artists are linked to their websites for more detailed information about their work.)

Shown here is a piece by Alex Masket from Westchester County, NY. All of his pieces are untitled. The repeated, frenzied lettering made no obvious patterns or rhythms but created a lot of static in my head. This was a good thing. Conveying sound is not so easy, but in this work, Mr. Masket really hit the mark.

Then there were these wood and encaustic pieces by Don Harger entitled “Wood Wedge 1” and “Wood Wedge 2.” The pieces were rugged and yet supple. The urge to touch was overwhelming.


Don Harger also had four paintings. This one “Organismxyz” was made of oil on wood on canvas. A very tactile and lush piece.

Don Harger, “Mainvein,” vine, acrylic and encaustic. I always enjoy seeing how artists interpret nature  with the gallery world.

This series of paintings by Lorraine Glessner were just lovely. Here are just two of the three works. The intricate details contrasted and balanced the  dark ovals. This work needed time to explore and it was worth investment. It felt like I was looking into a strange computer chip, a map or some architectural plans. The interconnectness between line and form articulated a sense of sophistication and luxury. This is an artist who knows her craft really well.

”Crimes Between Us,” by Stephen Haigh. This is just one of a series of four paintings. I loved the layering of media on his canvases. The way different media obscured colors and revealed different colors. Energetic, graphic and cosmopolitan.

Yes, this is blood. As the artist, Jordan Eagles, writes the blood was “procured from a slaughterhouse.” Alluring, replusive, colorful (sorry that iPhone didn’t capture the colors more vibrantly in the full pieces as it did in the upclose.) Really interesting work.  The work is in resin and plexiglass. A must see.

 This wall hanging from Ruth Borgenicht made of stoneware and entitled “Large Centipede” was very beautiful.  

For me, this show was more about textures and the tactile qualities of work than it was about color. Just about every piece in the show begged to be touched. I am so proud that Parlor Gallery calls Asbury Park home. 

Just down the block is Patrick Schiavino's gallery Art 629's solo show of works by Suzanne Anan. After seeing a huge variety of different works done by completely different artists, I felt that it was nice to dive into a large group of paintings by one artist. I took my time soaking in this artist's exquisite vision. Ms. Anan is a local artist. Her works are  dreamy figurative compositions that evoke contemplative, vulnerable moments. When I look at her work, I feel that I am transported to another place and time has  quietly stood still. These works are sensuous narratives completed with serious, hard earned skill and natural talent. Really lovely pieces. 

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