Monday, August 20, 2012

3 must see Jersey exhibits

This past weekend was very busy. Three must see art shows- all in New Jersey!

Ann Marie Miller, executive director of Art Pride NJ

 Let’s start with Thursday night- Art Pride NJ 3rd Annual Facebook Friends Exhibit.  This exhibit is in the headquarters of Art Pride in Burlington, NJ. New Jersey's art community is alive and well, folks, thanks to Ann Marie Miller. She works extremely hard to ensure that the arts have a place in NJ. I am proud to say that Ms. Miller is a fellow alumnus of Moore College of Art & Design!

Yvonne Yaar
Yvonne Yaar creates glass jewelry, wall art, indoor and outdoor sculpture, and works with mixed media. We became Facebook friends when we realized that we have shown together a couple of times but haven't meet in person until the opening of this show. One doesn't realize that the art world is both large and small. 

Christina Turczyn

Christina Turczyn is an artist and writer with a Ph.D. in English/Creative Writing. I meet Christina at a CAA workshop in 2010 - one of the best workshops on marketing your artwork ever. Christina's watercolors are sublime, gentle, abstract and realistic. Her inspiration comes from real landscapes and imagined ones. Places that evoke memories and yet, have never been experienced. It was really amazing connecting again with Christina - her energy is quiet and profound.

Lauren Curtis' work
Lauren Curtis was also exhibiting. I admire Lauren's work because she is so expressive with her feelings, thoughts and ideas about the world. She is true to her own visions of the world. Lauren guest blogged for me and it was a great pleasure to meet her in the real world.
Lou Storey's work
Lou Storey exhibited as well and even sold a piece! Go Lou! I learned that Lou casts all his own letters using Polytek materials. There may be a workshop in our future!

photograph by Sandra Davis
The only artist that I didn't have the pleasure of knowing was Sandra Davis.  Her photography was haunting and magical. 
Lauren, Lou, Peter, Christina, Lauren's collage
The evening was a blast. I know how hard it is to discover venues to  exhibit your work and to be recognized for your talents and skill as an artist. This exhibit was just fun because I sincerely enjoyed celebrating the successes of my art friends.

The second exhibit, a solo exhibit, was work created by fellow art teacher and master gardener. Lucretia E. McGuff-Silverman (Ellen) exhibited her work at the gallery in Rebearth Art Supply in Asbury Park. Ellen had a prolific amount of beautiful work on display. I especially admired her pastel pieces for her postcard series. As a master gardener, Ellen's inspiration is derived from landscape images, however, there were a good number of portraits and interiors on display. One of Ellen's strengths is her masterful use of color. The exhibit was attended by other art educators as well. It is always a pleasure to chat with colleagues. 
Ellen McGuff-Silverman @ her solo exhibit

The third must see exhibit is New Jersey Museum of Contemporary Art's HEADS exhibit. An outdoor exhibit of paintings done by Romanian artist, Dumitru Gorzo. 

Education Director of NJMoCA, Laura Petrovich-Cheney

This summer I spent some time writing the curriculum for this exhibit. Click here to check it out. I have worked with NJMoCA on their last exhibit when it was in Asbury Park, so it just seemed so natural to write the lessons for this exhibit. The reception was lovely and the day was perfect for an outdoor tour. The docent was fellow artist and friend, Edy Ottesen, who also has is exhibiting in Red Bank
This exhibit is so unusual in that the public art is not sculpture - but paintings- nearly 50 of them. The exhibit is free and open to the public until Oct. 14. 

my favorite location


  1. Thanks so much for this post...great job! So good to finally meet you in person.

  2. So cool! The art scene in Red Bank is really exploding! Can't wait to check out the Art Walk on the 24th.

  3. Thanks Laura! Appreciate the mention. It was a great night with wonderful artists. I'm glad we were able to do this for the third year in a row!

  4. Thanks for mentioning my show and covering these other wonderful show. It is good to art in New Jersey covered.

  5. Laura, thanks for the info, but especially the sculpture info and the conference in Chicago. Your blog looks great!