Friday, August 10, 2012

A South Jersey Gem

The Noyes Museum is a South Jersey gem. Established in 1983, the museum was built around the art and antique collection of  Fred and Ethel Noyes  and the museum is now part of the Richard Stockton College. The setting for the museum is amazing. The Noyes Museum sits on a lake surrounded by acres and acres of pineland forests which is part of the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge. I encourage everyone to go visit this museum- it is really wonderful!

Thursday nights are the museum's late evenings. Peter and I went to see Water: Illusions of Purity by Kate Dodd. This was an installation of water bottles throughout the museum and questioned the integrity of bottled water's purity and its consequences on the environment. 

Kate Dodd

The sun was setting and the light reflected into these water bottles filled with colored water resembled the light casted from stained glass windows. It was a pretty amazing effect.

Kate Dodd
Two other windows were covered with the clear bottles. These were cut bottoms and gave the impression of old leaded glass windows. 

Another exhibit was the Enduring Brilliance: The Pastel Society of America at 40. My iPhone couldn't possible begin to do these works justice.  Not only was the subject matter diverse, but the variety of ways to handle and manipulate pastels was very impressive. 

Martha M. Deming, Winter Break, 2011

Martha M. Deming's colors were lush. The complimentary color scheme was vibrant and skillful done. I often work with complimentary colors (blue & orange are my favorite) so I know the challenge of keeping colors clean and fresh - Ms. Deming impressively worked this. 

Julie Friedman, Spring, 2011
The atmospheric quality of Julie Friedman's Spring  was so dreamy. The reflection on the image interfere with the dynamic composition of the pastel work. The trees are arranged on a hill and it is leave openings that create a lace pattern. Totally lovely and a must see. 

In the Toylander's room, I fell completely in love with Katrina Balling's Fly By, 2007. This piece made me feel good. 
I also wanted to see the NJ State Council on the Arts Fellowship Exhibition. This is something that I would like to apply for and just wanted to see the caliber of artists that were selected. I was very impressed. 
Diane Savona, Tsunami, 2011

Joan Dreyer, Still Life: Daisies, 2012

Dolores Poacelli, Undercurrent, 2010

My long time friend and mentor, Wanda Kline, and her husband, Howard Herman, joined us at the Noyes, as well. After the museum, we went to dinner at Oyster Creek Inn. The scenery there is lovely and the food is delicious! If you go to the Noyes Museum, consider this restaurant for dinner - it is just 8 minutes away. 

 Don't be mistaken about this part of the Jersey shore. It may appear sleepy and out of the way - but it is a very exciting part of the state - just ask Sir Charles Barkley- he was at the restaurant last night looking all fine with his wife and friends. 

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  1. Great review. I'm excited to check the Noyes out at some point!