Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Being an Artist is not a hobby - it's a way of LIFE

Let's start with Friday night. Gallery U's Back to School Night was a huge success. 

Gallery U, Red Bank
Back to School Exhibit
Bigger than I ever imagined. As the curator, I had a great time people watching and chatting and just loving the joy of observing the  artists basking in their glory. I freely gave of my time, talents and energy to this project. I wanted to revitalize art teachers and the teaching profession for my colleagues. Last year was a tough teaching year - no contract, dismissal moral, public and political upheaval surrounding the teaching profession and an excruciating amount of teaching periods. My exhibits and my work gave me the hope and revitalization to make teaching worth while. I wanted to share this rejuvenation with other teachers as the new school year begins. Robert Langdon said it best in the catalog: 

Far too often art teachers spend the majority of their time teaching and leading our children. Thus, they find that they neglect to create and promote their own art. The purpose of BACK TO SCHOOL is to bring the attention back to the creative talents of these individuals. This exhibition was created to showcase the talents of art teachers in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.
A call for art was put forth in the local teacher and art communities. 110 submissions were received. Curators Laura Petrovich- Cheney (artist and teacher) and Robert Langdon (Curator and Gallery Manager at Gallery U) carefully selected 40+ pieces to include in this exhibition as representations of the varied talents of art teachers in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.
We hope you enjoy the wide selection of talents included in BACK TO SCHOOL and take a moment to thank and support the artists that so tirelessly work toward educating our children. 
Gayle Gruber,  Jude Harzer,  Laura Petrovich-Cheney

I had a blast that night. Giving away everything you have to serve others - priceless. I got back more than words could ever say that evening.
Barbara Calvo

Robert and me

Elisa Waller, Kim Defibaugh, me, Patty Lowe
Saturday was spent looking at art on Governor's Island. Kristin Osgood Lamelas and I drove to Brooklyn then took the ferry over to the exhibit. 
Kris on the boat
A year after graduate school, I am looking at where should I be next in my career. What is out there? So, Kristin cheerfully joined in this adventure. 
see the new twin towers?

this is not part of the exhibit, it was the wall - i just thought it was lovely.

Kris in the work

 I heard about the Governors Island Art Fair from Megan Suttles. She was here in Asbury Park exhibiting at SICA not that long ago and I feel instantly in love with her work. It was great seeing her art again in another venue.  This place may be an interesting way to display my installations  - something to ponder this year.
Megan Suttles' work

 Megan Suttles work

The day didn't end. It was off to Parlor Gallery and 629 Gallery, two local Asbury Park Galleries that were featuring new work.
networking at 629 Gallery, Asbury Park

Sunday, I dropped off three works - two new and one from Ireland- at the Perkins Art Center in Moorestown, NJ for their annual Works on Paper show. I am keeping my fingers crossed that one of the pieces will be accepted for this show. 

Monday and today were spent in the studio and researching. I am researching new venues and grants opportunities for the Arctic Circle residency happening in year. Along with Diane Burko and my sister in law, Mary Alice Cheney, I will be attending  writer, photographer and activist, Subhankar Banerjee's talk on Arctic Voices; Resistance at the Tipping Point at the Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Very excited about this talk. I have been reading his book all this month.

Then there is my first ever presentation (outside graduate school) talk on my work at Holy Family University. I am honored to be speaking about technology and my photographs on Thursday. Please click here to read the article in today's Examiner.com. 
in the studio
I love my life as an artist. Making connections, networking, researching, learning, giving and growing, making patterns to describe the ambivalence in the world , finding ways to express my thoughts about humanity- I can not imagine  being anything else. There is no doubt that sacrifices are being made and there are days that I feel completely discouraged - but there is no other option- I must  make  the work and share it. 

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  1. Well said, Laura! I often think about the same things. What else could I possibly do?