Sunday, September 23, 2012

For Elisa

Taking time to say thank you shows appreciation for the gesture of kindness. This blog is dedicated to Elisa Waller and it's my way of saying big thanks!
Remember how easy it was to make friends when you were little? You'd meet a friend at school and she'd be like here - have some of lunch and let's go pick flowers at recess! Elisa is that kind of friend. She is a  magically kind soul who is thoughtful, selfless, giving, generous, loving, talented and so easy going. I find her ease with the world and herself so inspiring.
I wanted to thank her for giving me a side of wooden boat. So, in honor of Elisa - this piece is titled "Elisa's rascal." 


  1. Replies
    1. awwee shucks..thank you...the piece looks cool...Im so excited that my name is in the title..kinda cool! And LAura your a great friend, so much fun!