Saturday, September 29, 2012

Opportunities are made not found

I went to an artist's opening on Wednesday night.

Yes, Wednesday... and it was crowded. The uniqueness of a Wednesday night opening was a novel idea. There were no other conflicts that evening like there can be with weekend openings. The reception was held early enough that the working crowd (yes, that is me) could be home in time to prepare for the next day. 

The artist friend is  Anthony Migliaccio. He was  collaborating with Pam Kimak, former owner of "Lakeshore Gallery of Bolton Landing" in the Lake George region of the Adirondacks. She exhibited his art work in the  newly renovated room at Belmar Window Shop, by locally and nationally along with renowned New Jersey artist Theresa Troise Heidel, watercolorist. 

I have long been an admirer of Anthony's work and had a chance to talk to him about his career. He talked a great deal about making connections with other artists. It seems that his advice has done him well. The show was a huge success. The local press was there taking notes and lots of pictures. There was a great deal of positive energy around the show - I think in part to the mid week reception time. I felt that a Wednesday show made the art the focal point - whereas a weekend show can feel like a social event with the focus on who's at the gallery. (This is NOT always the case, but sometimes, mind you.) I really enjoyed the show because it  broke up my week and gave me time to really look at the art. 

Anthony's oil painting

Anthony, his wife, Dee-Dee and Peter Cheney
Anthony Migliaccio is also a signature artist at the Noyes Museum and will be exhibiting his work there.

Speaking of opportunities, I just finished guest blogging for the Women's Caucus of Art, Philadelphia Chapter about my first panel discussion, TechKnowledge, at Holy Family University. Read about here

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