Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday afternoon

School is back in session. I teach art on a cart - 31 classes this year (about 750 students) in an urban school district. This is my 11th year teaching art. Some day I may write a book about my experiences as a teacher. But in the meantime, I just wanted to share with you two of my most valuable art teacher sites. First - my all time favorite is Patty Palmer's Deep Space Sparkle. Great resources, great field tested lesson, nice person. Can I say that am so envious of Patty's teaching job? She has a room and about 400 students. My own Pinterest "back to school" site. I love surfing for pins related to art projects and also for art teacher blogs. Check out my site - you might find some great ideas.

Looking ahead to the fall - there's lots of exhibit opportunities.
Check out my last entry for details. 

If you are a photographer, check out the National Geographic Contest Page. 

As far as seeing exhibits, there is quite a few on those too.
Check out: Art Info's top 40 picks. 

I am planning on  seeing these two exhibits: Governor's Island Art Fair and Lucy Lippard's book Six Years: The Dematerialization of the Art Object is a show at the Brooklyn Museum with a colleague of mine this coming weekend. Super excited - it should be a great blog post.

Speaking of exhibits, here's my reception from this afternoon at the Ocean County Artist Guild in Island Heights this afternoon.  The piece is  the  red/pink encaustic work of a crow on wood.

 At the guild, my husband Peter saw that his former cub scout leader had his works donated. So, we purchased a painting by Warren Satter. The painting is a scene of street fair probably Long Branch, where my husband grew up. The volunteers were wanted to show us of all Mr. Satter's work so they took me, my friend Kim, and Peter up to the third floor. I doubt very many people get a chance to go all the way up inside this wonderful painted lady on Toms River -so I took a picture! Lovely, right!

View from the Ocean County Artists Guild, Island Heights, NJ

Although I am really happy here and the column of "upcoming exhibits" is pretty impressive, I must say I got one of those letters.....

"... the quality and the variety of the artwork in the pool of entries were impressive and made the review extremely competitive. Unfortunately, the  curator did not select your work..."

This one was from the AIR Gallery in Brooklyn. I really wanted to get in this exhibit. Maybe another time. I face this year with the desire to create art coupled with the self imposed pressure to continue to get my work out there. The constraints of a full time job have never felt so restrictive to my dreams- I want more to time to see exhibits and make work. I will need more time to begin to write grants for the Arctic Circle residency. Yet, the day job requires a seemingly unattainable amount of energy and talent from me as the regulations of having the students pass the state test increases.  The feeling of being trapped is eminent.  This year will surely be an adventure. 

I have to ask - what do other artists do for their day jobs? How do you make ends meet and make art? 

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