Monday, December 10, 2012

My first solo show

Christmas came early. Last week, I received word that I will be having a solo exhibition at the Abington Art Center in Jenkinton, PA. The opening is Feb. 3 -so save the date! So yesterday, my husband Peter and I went to see the center and check out the space where I will be hanging my work. 

The room is the tile room  and it is about 22 feet square with bright beautiful light. My salvaged wood pieces are scheduled to hang there. So far, Barn Razing, Clancy's Farewell, Around the Block, and Grid Lock are in.

Barn Razing

Around the Block

Grid Lock

Clancy's Farewell

Two pieces, Elisa's Rascal and City Line, need a frame around them. I finished a new piece Saturday, Cloudburst. There's another piece, The Take-Away, but that may be selected for a juried show - I will know at the end of the month. Two major pieces sold at the New Hope Arts Center last month- so the band saw will be very busy! 

The install date is Jan. 30. The opening is Feb 3 and there is a fundraiser Feb 9. I am very excited and nervous - will I have enough work? will my friends come to the opening? Ahhh... just breath, right?

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