Wednesday, January 30, 2013

it's for real! the solo show!

Well - it is an exciting feeling to see your work on another website. It is like seeing yourself in an out of body experience. Here's the link to the Abington Art Center -

Today was the big installation day. Working in the next room was Nancy Agati. Her work is beautiful- here's an image posted on Abington Art Center's facebook page

Nancy Agati

Installing  art work with another artist reminded me of graduate school days at Moore College. I have such fond memories of hanging artwork with Kristin Osgood. I would be in one room and she was in the other. The hammers would be going back and forth.

Sunday is the opening. There will be much to celebrate!

In case you can't make it- here's a preview-

detail of Locked In

my favorite art installer - Peter Cheney

I could NOT have installed the work without my husband Peter. His math skills are spot on. I really need to get him a tee shirt that says art installer. 

After the install, Peter, Marge Horner and I walked the Sculpture Park. There were so many amazing pieces of art work - including Winfred Lutz's pieces. We talked about some sites for summer outdoor pieces. The tour finished with a walk through the basement. FUN! 
Erica Loustau, Augury

Jay Walker, Wait Upon

possible site for my summer pieces

my feet and Winfred Lutz's piece

Winfred Lutz 

Winfred Lutz
Winfred Lutz

a tour of the basement

I am so grateful for this opportunity. After 17 months of graduating with my MFA, I have a solo show. Life is good!

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  1. Congratulations Laura! I'm so excited for you! I absolutely LOVE your square wood pieces.