Sunday, January 6, 2013

When do you consider hiring an assistant?

Mark your calendars everyone! I hope to see you at the reception. One of my newer pieces was selected for this show. The piece is called The Take Away. I named because there are several pieces of wood that I took from Philadelphia, in particular the blue and yellow. Mind you, the wood was broken and left as trash.

I have been extremely busy writing grants and completing residency applications. All the while, my data entry of contacts, organizing my exhibit folders and just keeping up with filing my expenses has grown out of control. So, I made the decision to hire someone for a couple of hours a week to help organize my office. Yes, I know that everyone is busy and would love an assistant, but there comes a time when you  are seriously willing to pay someone to help you. The disorganization is distracting and too time consuming. The problem is that I also work as full time art teacher. Right now, it feels like I am managing two full jobs -running my office shouldn't be a priority - making art should be. My assistant starts Thursday.

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