Sunday, February 3, 2013

Feb. Art Ops

I just realized that this blog is 3 years old! WOW! What started out as a graduate school assignment has now turned into a vital part of my artistic practice. Friday evening, I was talking about my blog to a friend  and how I post opportunities on it, as well as my own successes and failures, exhibit reviews and photographs. I don't mind doing this blog without cash payments because the intrinsic rewards outweigh  any monetary gains. While I strive to look for opportunities to exhibit and sell work, I have made so many wonderful connections and contacts, improved my writing skills, developed educational experiences and gained some local visibility while maintaining this blog. I hope my readers find this blog beneficial! If you do, please forward to others to follow.

Some opportunities this month are:

Show at the White Cube in London

Signature Artist Membership at the Noyes Museum - deadline April 1

Therese A. Maloney Art Gallery has 3 exhibit opportunities. 

CFEVA- We have now announced our Visiting Curator for 2013. Please visit to learn more.


Sundance Institute Invites Applications for Creative Producing Fellowship and Lab

deadline Feb. 8

Arts Guild New Jersey is planning a screening of animated short films for 2013.Deadline Feb. 22

Subtle Technologies will be holding its 16th Annual Festival in Toronto. The symposium, performances, workshops, screenings, exhibitions and networking sessions provide a forum to explore ideas and pose questions at the intersection of art, science and technology. Deadline Feb. 25

art:screen is interested in receiving new entries for art:screen's collaboration with Kulturhuset Borgen, Gislaved, Sweden. Deadline March 1

Deadline March 2

If you are a fiber artist - follow this blog.

Philadelphia Photo Arts Center announces its residency program

Monmouth MuseumHurry - deadline is Feb. 6

Women Artists Only- National Museum of Women in the Arts

Guidelines for Art Submissions
If you are a woman artist and would like to introduce your work to NMWA’s curators, or would like to share information about a woman artist, please submit the following materials to NMWA’s Curatorial Review Committee:
  • A cover letter introducing yourself and the images you are submitting for review. Specifically state whether the work(s) are intended for donation, acquisition, or exhibition;
  • A copy of the artist’s resume or a short bio;
  • Up to 10 images of the work(s) to be considered labeled with the artist’s name, title, date,
    medium, and dimensions. You may submit slides, photographs, JPGs or a URL where we can view the work online.
    Due to the exceptional volume of submissions, we are unable to respond individually. If you do not receive a response within 90 days, this is an indication that the Committee has declined to pursue your proposal. As it is the museum’s aim to present the most meaningful program to our audience, opportunities for inclusion in our exhibitions and collection are very limited.
    • We are unable to return submitted materials. Do not include any original artwork OR self-addressed stamped envelopes.
    • NMWA curators cannot make studio visits, view works in person, or make visits to private collections during the initial phase of the review. If the curatorial department is interested in your work, we will contact you about any further steps.
    • NMWA’s exhibition schedule is planned approximately two to three years in advance, and is carefully scheduled to present a diverse artistic program. Therefore, NMWA rarely accommodates unsolicited submissions for exhibitions.
    • NMWA as an institution can not perform appraisals or authentications of any work of art.
      Please send materials to:
      Curatorial Review Committee
      National Museum of Women in the Arts 1250 New York Ave, NW
      Washington, DC 20005

      Or submit electronically to:
      Thank you for considering the National Museum of Women in the Arts. 

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