Monday, February 4, 2013

Gallery U- Bianco Opening

© Kathy Polenberg, 2013

Bianco opening- the gangs all here!  Laura Petrovich-Cheney, Rick Tierney, Elisa Miriam Waller, Kathy Polenberg (photographer of this photo) , Rebecca Hope Polenberg and Lisa Bagwell.
Okay - I am such a groupie for Gallery U. Friday night was the Bianco Opening - an exhibition of all white art works.

Elisa had a call out to all her Facebook friends to write about white. She then complied the words of others with her images. She writes of her piece - "Facebook can cast aside, eliminate, forget, neglect and abandon at any moment....tis a sad truth also for people and events... in your life .. which is again true in the opposite sense; facebook/people/events within your life can also be in your face, cherished, maintained, pursued..... I called this piece Abandoned. Tis my healing series using the 'badge' of facebook as the symbol of the disconnection and the connection...(deep) ;-) and this is a perfect example because many friends )(and family) that I have in real life and on facebook either responded or did not respond..wistfully some I thought would respond (I really hoped they would ) failed to and graciously those I didn't expect to respond at all, totally did!...even some I did not know (ya know those friends of friends of friends)..its simply Abandonment/Abandonded from either end...and then there's the interpretations of white..which is what brings us full circle...hence the mirror and string."

Lisa Bagwell's Land Snail-

Lisa Bagwell 

Lisa Bagwell

An artwork made the Gallery Colloborative.
White Wove

Lauren Curtis- Winter Fence

Rick Tierney - Renaissance

Robert Langdon- Bird in the Snow

Ellen Martin- Whitework (who by the way, dressed beautifully and in the theme of the show! loved her Kate Spade bag!)

Sam Mather- The Lion & The Lamb

Kathy Polenberg- 

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Women Made Gallery, Chicago has 3 open calls:

1. Invitation to all artists worldwide to submit artwork in all media for this thematic exhibition.
Humans Being II is an exhibit that focuses on the experience of disability as explored through contemporary art. Deadline March 1

2. What does it mean to “know something” in the body? What are the implications when our hair stands on end in fear, when we feel a rush of adrenalin, or just feel truth in our gut? 
Deadline: March 1
3. "Slippery Slope" seeks work that recognizes and adopts pornographic aesthetics and conceptual modes. Deadline: May 1, 2013


  1. mentioned my saweeet! thank you...nice pictures of the show too..I so loved that Bird in Snow..chirp! chirp!

  2. I checked the exhibit out last Saturday- Great show!!!

  3. Loved this exhibit. I was there over the weekend.

  4. Thanks for the blog (& for including my photo!)...I was home sick so missed the opening but now I can get a feel of the show! See you soon.