Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Making Connections

One of the reasons that I write this is blog is find connections with other artists. Let’s face it – even if I wasn’t an artist, I still would want to connect with other people. Humans are social animals. We need to feel supported, valued and connected with others. When I reach out to other artists, I feel that there is a mutual understanding. Artists know how hard it is to exhibit, make work, pay the bills, live a life, face successes and rejections. One of my favorite New Jersey artists and bloggers, Lauren Curtis, blogged about how she was feeling “stuck.” The response to her blog was amazing! You can read about that here. Lauren shared her thoughts with the world and in return, other creative types exchanged ideas and information. I learned so much from that blog post.

All Trees of Wood Shout for Joy, 2009

 Another reason I enjoy making connections through my blog and reading other blogs is to meet people who genuinely want each other to well professionally and personally. Just recently, I was interviewed by fellow Women’s Caucus of Art/Philadelphia Chapter artist -Ruthie Schanbacher. Ruthie’s current project – Manufactured Dissent – is an online magazine that features interviews with creatives. From the blog – “Manufactured Dissent is an independently produced blog focusing on established and emerging visual art, film making, choreography / dance, music, conceptual art, new media, interactive art, design and writing.” Since I have been reading regularly, I have read interviews from an artist who exhibits in here in Asbury Park and  a sculptor that I meet in Chicago who lives in Boulder. It is really cool – I can’t wait to read the interviews from friends! If you are interested in reading me – click here. If you are interested in being interviewed, please email Ruthie. 

Then there is really cool artist/ writer – she’s taking a “huge artistic challenge for the new year.” Meet Megan Eckman. She wants to become a better portrait artist, so she put out a call to draw one portrait of a different person every day for a whole year. Here’s her drawing of me. I am day 51. 

Day 51 -

Send your photo to For more portraits, click here. 

Sometimes being an artist can be a solitary profession. Thankfully, social media, particularly, blogging  helps me to develop meaningful  relationships and the open lines of communication with other artists. Please feel free to share your thoughts with me and feel free to connect with me on my other social media sites!

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