Saturday, March 23, 2013

Solo Series @ Abington Art Center

As many of you know, I adore snow, wooly sweaters and socks, fleece hats, down jackets and tea with whiskey - in other words - I love winter. As spring approaches, I just wanted to take some time and express my gratitude for the many joys this season. This winter was particularly wondrous. Abington Art Center had accepted my work for the Solo Series.

I exhibited with other amazing women -  Nancy AgatiKathleen Eastwood and Johanna Inman - and it is wonderful to have met these new friends. During this exhibit, I had the opportunity to speak twice about my work- once for the winter fundraiser and another time was for the coffee break session. This was an excellent way to connect with new people and new collectors of my work. I also met some really fun people who love art and we plan on seeing some exhibits and lectures together. 
These photos were taken by my grandchildren - Olivia and Bella - at the opening. Here is one of the girl's self portraits.

self portrait of a three year old with a camera
I gave the girls a project to photograph the exhibit with  my small digital camera. It was pretty amazing to see how they looked at the art and how they see people. 

I was so honored to have many friends and guests attend the opening. I appreciate their time in supporting me and would like to thank them  - Paul Hubbard along with his wife and daughter, Natasha, Dona Lantz, Blaise Tobia and Virginia Maksymowicz, Diane Burko and Richard Ryan, Kira Campo,  Simone Spicer, Cynthia Back, my cousin Karen Gentry Edwards who brought her parents and my aunt, Patrick & Lauren Cheney with their two girls, Sally Cheney, Len Carlino, Dr. Maryalice Cheney and her son Bob Goldman and my husband - the best art installer in the world. 

The show is up until March 31. Please visit the Abington Art Center located at 515 Meetinghouse Rd, Jenkintown, PA. 

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