Saturday, April 13, 2013

How did you make your wish come true?

There is so much buzzing around the inside of my head - and I am not talking my bees! For those of you who are not so familiar with me - yes, I am a beekeeper. Keeping bees is just one of the small ways that I can help make this earth a better place.

So why I am so excited? I was granted a sabbatical leave from my school district for my Arctic Circle residency! This sabbatical leave essentially means that I go to do my thing on this residency and come home to a job. I requested a two month leave from September and October. During the residency, I will be paid half of my salary and am required to continue to work for the school district for the next two year. My dream is to work full time as an artist and part time as a teacher. This two year commitment to stay put has allowed me to really start planning the transition to full time artist. It is the perfect way  to make things happen. I won't be day dreaming about all the possibilities that exist for me, instead I have two years to make those possibilities a reality.

Leaving a full time job will require a serious financial plan, business plan, marketing plan - things which with I am not really familiar. So I started to do some research and reading some art business blogs about how to do this. My favorite art business blog - Alyson B. Stanfield's Art Biz Blog- is my go to site. On this site, I left a comment/question about how other artists have transitioned to a full time artist.  The next thing I know is that I received an email from Alyson herself asking if I would mind being on her blog! WOW! My mother didn't raise a fool - so I said yes. CLICK HERE to read the blog post on Art Biz Blog. 

I have really enjoyed reading all the advice and the other comments from artists who like me have wanted to leave the day job and move on to their dream job. Seeing my question answered validating that  this dream could be a reality. I like that. Sometimes I just need an affirmation that my dreams aren't crazy ramblings of a mad woman. This blog post was that confirmation. 

So what are your dreams? How did you put them into a plan and make your wish come true?

I also wanted to add this article about other artists' day jobs. I thought this was really fun to read and see what "day jobs" today's contemporary artists had.

Click here for the full story...

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  1. Hi Laura,
    I've been kind of crazy these days (it's school vacation) so I haven't had time to respond. First, congratulations on the sabbatical, that's awesome!
    Second, I meet with a group of artists monthly who are in various stages of art-making, from full-time to whenever possible. And we meet to talk about art and business progress. It's a very interesting group with many people going back and forth from those stages. I've got lots to say from some of the people in the group (I am not a full-time artist, nor could I really ever be due to parenting and, perhaps more importantly, how slowly I produce work).

    It will be a fun conversation on the boat, It will be nice to meet your for real. I've thoroughly enjoyed all of your posts.

    Thirdly, I love bees! But could not even begin to have them in my very small yard in the city of Boston. Good for you for saving the plants!

    Finally, make sure you include me when you publish Kickstarter, I'll spread it around. (Also, what's with the comment you got for that video? That's a spammer, right?)