Saturday, May 18, 2013

6 days and counting

My Kickstarter campaign wraps up  next Saturday morning at 6:35 am. Unbelievable, right? It is hard to imagine that it has been a month. One of my goals was to show students how to work together to make a difference. That goal has already been met because of my supporters. It seems everyone I talk to these days is interested in the trip and has a new sense of the Arctic Circle. One of the main reasons why I asked my friends, family and colleagues to support me was to create a collective sense of participation for this trip. I want people to join in on the conversation of climate change. In a very real way, all my supporters are coming with me. To really know the physical location of a place, such as the Arctic Circle, one will have a mental place to organize and file information about the world. I am learning that not only will my students know about the Arctic Circle, but also my community. There is an emerging conversation in my world  about a real understanding our collective responsibility to preserve the beauty and bounties of the natural world. I am making a difference - people are thinking about the Arctic Circle. It is true that ordinary people - like myself- can do extraordinary things and make an exceptional impact on the world we all share. 
Svalbard, Photo courtesy: Katie Metcalfe

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