Thursday, May 2, 2013

What's this trip about?

"Is this a vacation?" asked someone. This and a couple of great questions have come up this week for my kickstarter campaign. I will try to address some of those questions here.

Residencies exist to invite artists, academicians, curators, and all manner of creative people for a time and space away from their usual environment. They provide a time of reflection, research, presentation and/or production. They also allow individuals to explore his/her practice within another community; meeting new people, using new materials, experiencing life in a new location. Art residencies emphasize the importance of meaningful and multi-layered cultural exchange and immersion into another culture. (definition from Wikipedia)

photo copyright of The Arctic

Artist and scientist led, The Arctic Circle is an annual expeditionary residency program. The program provides the opportunity for artists and innovators to pursue their personal projects on board while exploring collaborations with the expedition’s fellow participants.  I have already collaborated with another fellow resident, Deborah Hamon. My students at the Clifton Avenue Grade School made 200+ pom poms for the Polar Pom Pom Project.  Deborah is taking hundreds made by children and herself to create an artwork series that addresses climate change. I was honored to have helped. My students loved it. This art project gave me an opportunity to address my own trip to the Arctic Circle with students.

The Arctic Circle provides a shared experience for its participants to engage in a myriad of issues relevant to our time and to develop professionally through interdisciplinary collaborations, exhibit opportunities, and public and classroom engagement. The Arctic  Circle is administered by The Farm, Inc., a registered, federally tax exempt 501c3 not-for-profit in New York State.

My second favorite question is "Aren't you going to freeze?" 

NO!  I have had support from Patagonia and their clothing is going to keep me warm! This is a great company that believed in what I was doing and decided to help me out. I would highly recommend their gear! I was honored that such a socially and environmentally conscious company  backed my project. Here's what I will look like -

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