Thursday, June 27, 2013

Journals in the Studio

Today, I started a new journal for my studio. Heavy white paper, clean and new. The old was finished last week. I kept a journal/sketch book in my studio to work out ideas, write ramblings down, take note of what was working and what wasn't.

This journal was started near the end of graduate school. It began with my first wooden quilt idea. 

Even though I consider myself a sculptor, I still love to paint and this gave me the perfect opportunity to paint. In this journal,  I have notes about how to glue the pieces together. I still use that system today. The quilt design is called "Lincoln's Platform," but the artwork has since been renamed "Around the Block." 

In this journal, I wrote about how distressing my mother's illness was. She had first started getting sick back in the summer of 2011. To work out the stress of that  and some other personal issues, I just kept cutting little 3" blocks. I wrote about how that monotony and losing myself in a repetitive task took over my brain.  Focusing on cutting nearly 900 squares had made space to organize those feelings. This had become the seed of my artist's statement - "to make sense out of life's ambiguities." 

Of course, there are just some pages where I ramble on about nothing in particular and it is quite boring and self absorbed - but isn't that what journals are for?

So, my advice to my artists friends - keep a journal in your studio. Document your process. What is working? What doesn't work? What inspires you and what is sucking out your soul from your body? Draw and sketch in that journal - you just might amaze yourself!

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  1. Ooh, I love this idea of journaling in the studio. The first thing we learned was documenting our process in the studio (in our fall semester at Moore via "Mr. Deprez" either in video, photo, writing, journal, etc) and I have forgotten in a way. I guess I feel as if I "document" in clay or photography and my final product is also one of these mediums, it is still documenting, although I am working on the project and not strictly documenting. (if that makes sense, still working on my 2nd cup of coffee) ;) Great post.