Sunday, June 23, 2013

Two Endings and a New Beginning


A bleak day is coming to Red Bank as Gallery U relocates to Westfield,  a building four times the size of the space it currently inhabits, with apartments upstairs to enable clients to live on-site. The main focus of Gallery U specializing in services for brain-injured clients, the gallery functioned as a training center as well as a display space for visual artists, musicians and poets. So the move is very good for the clients. But sadly, a major networking hub for local artists is leaving. Read more about it here. 

One of the last shows at Gallery U was Vasara, a show in which many new and old friends had work on display. Here are some of the highlights:

Barbara Calvo

Amy Puccio


Lindsey Kretschy

Lisa Bagwell

Jill Caporlingua

Laura Petrovich-Cheney

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Yvonne Yaar

Ellen Martin

Zeet Peabody

Yvonne Yaar

My teaching year also ends on Tuesday. It is one of the longer years because of the numerous days taken for Hurricane Sandy. Here are some images from the end of the year art show created by my students:


Halloween week will be my first day back to teaching. My sabbatical for my residency to The Arctic Circle is  just FOUR MONTHS away! I have started to think about other life changing events in my past- my trip to Ghost Ranch comes to mind and I wonder what impact such a trip north will have on me. 
Themes of warmth and cold, decay and transformation, making art and making self and emptiness will occupy my journal. Isolation will be a welcome break as I untether myself to technology, friends, family and responsibilities of daily life. My plane tickets have been purchased - I leave  Sept. 20 and return Oct. 15. 

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  1. Laura, you do so many exciting, creative things! Good luck with all and thanks so much for mentioning my art.