Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Work

This is an amazing exhibit! First, I can't say enough wonderful compliments and praises for   City Hall Exhibitions Manager,  Tu Huynh. He is a gentleman, organized and professional as well as funny and nice. The space is beautiful. I would encourage every Philly artist to apply for shows in this gallery. In this exhibit of Recent Graduates, both from BFA and MFA programs, there are five students from Moore! I was humbled and honored to exhibit with such talent - particularly another Moore MFA grad - Wendy Anderson. Here are some of the highlights from the show-
Wendelyn Anderson, Sleeping with a Fish

Dorothea Vile, Let Him

Tasha Lewis

Tasha Lewis, Fishes Swimming Through Glass Bell Jar

Wendelyn Anderson

The exhibit is open until August 2. I was sincerely impressed with the wide range of media- painting, sculpture, fiber, wood, clay. It was thoughtfully arranged and represented the vastness of Philadelphia's art schools. I suppose it is a bit shocking to realize that I only graduated two years ago. It feels like twenty years ago. 

Also, on exhibit this summer, are two small sculptures in Brooklyn at the Trestle Gallery for the Small Works 2013. There are 33 artists from the United States and abroad in this gallery and, all of the work on display is 12 x 12 x 12 inches or smaller. Trestle Gallery is located at  168 7th Street, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, with hours: Monday through Friday, 11AM – 6PM, Saturdays by appointment. The opening is Friday July 26 at 7 PM. 

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