Sunday, February 2, 2014

All in a month's time

For those of you dreaming of spring, look closely.  Here's my Hammelis (more commonly know as Witch-Hazel) - the bloom is happening and proof that the earth is slowly starting to awake. 

Last night, was my community project at AIR Gallery was the panel discussion for A “Womanhouse” or a Roaming House? “A Room of One’s Own” Today. The panelists addressed questions similar to those posited by the original exhibition, but through a contemporary lens: What is the space necessary for an artist to make art in and for whom? Rather than a “Womanhouse” ought we now to envision a Rooming House or a Roaming House? What are the implications of the gendering of space, who owns domestic space, and is creativity more a private pursuit or a public one?    Panelist were: Maureen Connor, Vanalyne Green, Kara Rooney, and collaborative artists Sara Jimenez and Kaitlynn Rendell; lead by Mira Schor.

the panelists

the crowd 

Also this month, there were several exhibits that I attended:

First, the Monmouth Museum's Annual Juried Show (on view until March 9) is a always a perennial classical in Monmouth County. Here are some highlights: 

Michael Wolf, Portait of Hermes:
Portrait of Hermes


Consie Basset, The Senators (Honorable Mention):

Iguna Gremzde, Landscape for Emgergency 9:

Lisa Marie O'Connell, Disturbing the Peace:

Anthony Migliaccio, Scenic Lake:

Judy Hugentobler, Stacked Bird Mass (detail)

Alison Golder, Wave Theory:Twenty-Fours


Lisa Bagwell:

Ellen Martin, In Blue:

Ellen Martin (left) and your's truly 

In Queens, I visited Dorsky Gallery to see Janet Biggs, a Moore College of Art alumnus and The Arctic Circle resident. The show is "Thaw" and features the work of Janet Biggs, Michele Brody, Blane De St. Croix, Vicki DaSilva, Elise Engler, Phyllis Ewen, Andrea Galvani, Elizabeth Jordan, Itty Neuhaus, Alexis Rockman, and Scott Walden; open until April 6. 

Janet Biggs, Fade to White, video still:

Some other works at the show; the place was so crowded that I couldn't obtain a list of artists and work. My apologies for not being able to credit the artists:

Another NYC show that I saw and loved was  Todd Chilton at Feature Inc ; it's up until Feb. 16.

A highly recommended artist to see is Krista Svalbonas; her work, along with Lisa Pressman, is at ISE Cultural Foundation in NYC. Here are some of Krista's images from the show:
courtesy of the artists

courtesy of the artists

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