Sunday, December 21, 2014

Building Community

Working in the studio is a lonely business most times. Except for my neighbor who stops by on his walk with his dogs, I see no one during the day. I realized that I needed a community- other artists who inspire me, understand the creative process, and artists willing to share opportunities and experiences. I am in the process of building that community in my professional practice.

It is important to me to be seen as a professional artist and to be recognized as a knowledgeable artist who knows what is going on. So when the opportunity to came to join my professors and other MFA students at Moore College of Art & Design for their end of the year critiques – I cheerfully accepted the invitation. I was both honored and delighted. It was a great opportunity to make conversation, have fun, feel motivated and get inspired by the all the amazing talent in the MFA program.

I had so much fun reconnecting with my former professors Paul Hubbard and Virginia Maksymowicz and the Dean of the Program Dona Lantz. I met some new professors - Lesley Shipley, Joshua Marsh, Theresa Rose and guest critic,  Anthony Romero. Alumnus Dawn Kramlich and I were welcomed by the faculty and  we had chance to talk about the adventures of adjuncting. What an inspiration it was to see the work by artists  Aimee Gonthier; Kristina Goverts; Melinda Houvig; Veronica Scarpellino; Alexander Conner; Chello Firefli; Michelle Sherman; Jennifer Vatza; and Omenihu Amachi.

Another development in this idea of connecting to community is my upcoming residency in Vermont at the Vermont Studio. I look forward to becoming friends with other amazing artists.  Even though I am bit nervous about leaving, I am still eager to see how this residency will inform my work. I know that my life will be enriched in ways I can’t even imagine right now. Photo by 

Finally, as I stated in today’s e-newsletter, it is the Winter Solstice. There seems to be the great stillness before the sun's strength comes back, and daylight grows longer. It can be productive time to rest and reflect. It's the fruitful dark out of which new life can eventually emerge. I wish you a joyous holiday and a wonderful new year!

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