Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Settling into Vermont

The drive was grueling. The evening snow gave way to an eerie fog by the time morning arrived with the warm temperatures. What should have been a 7 hour drive turned into an 8.5 hour drive because I got lost in the Adirondacks. Getting lost in the tall pines, switch back roads, fog and snow reminded me of the drive in opening scene in The Shining. Anyhow, I made it. The folks here at The Vermont Studio Center were very welcoming. They stayed late to greet the late comers - like myself. I sincerely appreciated that. That evening is a bit of blur - I ate, meet some people and crashed about 8:30.  The next morning I was greeted by a light snow fall.

view from the porch of my house

The first order of business was to organize my scraps of wood into colors. The large pieces of wood are organized by color in my studio. But when I start cutting them into smaller pieces, I haven't been so careful to group them back into color. It makes working a nightmare. So, I spent the day organizing and  getting the feel of my new space. Monday was also orientation day. You know - the tour of the buildings; meeting with the other sculptors and reviewing the workshop rules. Tuesday was the first real day of work. It was a bit slow, but I am acclimating to a new environment and practicing kindness to myself as I settle in.
color sorting
A bit about the studios here. WOW! The studio is spacious! It is about the size of my studio at home - but without all the equipment and supplies. I can work on two pieces at a time. That is such a luxury!

I have signed up for the artist talk night next week. I am excited and nervous to share my work with such an impressive group of artists and writers. The internet is a bit slow here- so for more photos, please follow me on Instagram - Studio1301. 

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