Monday, March 2, 2015

John Sloan Fine Arts Center, Lock Haven University

I am really excited to share this experience with you. This solo exhibit held at the John Sloan Fine Arts Center, Lock Haven University is the largest solo exhibit that I have had to date. In addition to having my salvaged wood quilts on display during Women's History Month, I had the pleasure of meeting some amazingly bright, articulate and creative art students at Lock Haven University. 

Lock Haven University is located in central Pennsylvania not far from my father grew up. It was a kind of nice homecoming for me to visit this area nearly a 18 months after his passing. I had created 6 new pieces for the exhibit, each one was 48 inches square. The ceiling height was quite immense and I wanted large to fill the space both visually and physically. It took nearly 3 months of working 7 days a week to complete the work. Of course, it was worth it!

The evening was amazing! I had the pleasure of meeting Lock Haven's president, Dr. Fiorentino, Steven Getz, president of the Clinton County Arts Council, and Mickey Mapstone, president of the Bald Eagle Arts Council. 

Mickey Mapstone

I really enjoyed meeting Mickey. She is bright, engertic and talented and one of the biggest mover and shakers in her area! She was so generous to write a review of my exhibit on her blog - click here! It is also a pleasure to meet other artists - particularly women artists. Which leads me to my next paragraph-

Happy Women's Art History Month! 

There has been some exciting news around celebrating women in the arts - 
Today is the  launch of my alma mater's new website for Women’s History Month!

There has been a lot of news around Art+Feminism wiki pages
It is really exciting to see women take charge of our own destinies and write herstory instead of history. 

So in celebration of this month, everyday on my blog I will write about a woman artist who has influenced or inspired me. Of course, 31 days is not long enough to celebrate - but I am going to try!

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