Thursday, March 5, 2015

Local Women Making History

We've all heard it before - you don't have to live in NYC to be an artist. Sharon Louden talks about it in her book, Paddy Johnson wrote about it here and the rocker Patti Smith told everyone to find another city. So, how do you find other creatives when you are not in NYC? How do you connect with the art world of NYC when the drive there is nearly 4 hours? What does an art filled life look like if it is not in NYC? Today, I want to introduce you to two women who decided to live a creative, artistic and fulfilling life outside the big apple. First, is Mickey Mapstone and the second is Wanda Kline.  I have just recently met Mickey and have know Wanda for nearly 20 years now.

Four of a Kind, Wanda Kline

Face painters at Quincy Markets, Boston, Mickey Mapstone

Both women not only have made a wonderful living at being artists, but they have encouraged others to search for their own artistic voices. Both have taught classes and have organized local art groups and leagues, created opportunities to find gallery representation and sell their work, made their presence know in their community and county, and have inspired countless to pursue the visual arts. Both Wanda and Mickey have forged relationships in their community to create an artistic environment where conversations on art, aesthetics, material, and opportunities are real and viable. They are both to commended and admired this month  as women making history!

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