Monday, March 23, 2015

March 2015 Art Fairs

Spring Break Art Fair
I loved the freshness of this art fair. There were 90 curators and nearly 400 artists exhibiting in the older section of the NY Post Office near Penn Station. The exhibits in the individual rooms and the condition of the space reminded me of Governor's Island. The vibe was good. Of particular note were Lauren Portada, Fanny Allie and Anne Nowak. Their websites are listed under their images.

Fanny Allie

Anne Nowak

Lauren Portada
Un(Scene) Art Fair.
A bit smaller that Spring Break and smartly curated. I want to thank Megan Suttles  for inviting me to this art fair - it was my favorite and not because there was free ice cream.

Megan Suttles

Just a note- my apologizes for these images. Clearly the blurriness is a problem and I promise to upgrade my iPhone before the next art fair. Art Fairs are a necessity for artists to both participate in and view. Make it a habit to visit them every year!

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