Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wave Hill Open Studios and a New Installation

This Saturday, I ventured up to the Bronx to see the Wave Hill Open Studios. I had an opportunity to reconnect with Sara Jimenez and meet some new artists as well. Sara Jimenez and I meet when I organizing the panel discussion with Mira Schor at AIR Gallery back in January of 2014. Knowing Sara's work only in the context of her collaboration witKaitlynn Redell I was eager to see some of her new solo work. I was much impressed.

It reminds me of  my newest installation that I have been working on for some time in my studio. 

I also had the pleasure of meeting another artist and seeing his work- Musa Hixson.  I was really impressed with his work. His minimal form, a triangle shape, made with complicated nature forms, tree branches, was intriguing. 

It was a pleasure getting out and about. For two weeks, I had the mother of all colds and I have been so isolated for working on the installation and researching earthworks for the Noyes Museum project that I forgot there was a larger world outside my studio. Ironically, though , that there is such a geist in the universe that brings things together. I received an email reminder for tonight's lecture at PAFA from Virginia Maksymowicz about the new Dina Wind Lecture Series, “Artful Sustainability” presents an exploration of artist-designed, innovative environmental projects across the country. On my nightstand, I am reading The New Earthwork: Art, Action, Agency . About 3 years ago, I had ordered this book and am finally getting around to reading it! I was much impressed to see that my professor, Virginia Maksymowicz had written a chapter in this book. I am doing research while working on a new project. Back in 2013 when I participated in The Arctic Circle residency, I had collected what  washed up on the beach- plastics mostly.  I am drawn to material that is in a state of transition, which has been exposed to time, weather, and other forces of nature

Surprisingly, the Arctic was not the pristine, snowy landscape that I had imagined. There were other footprints in place - permanent “footprints” that Western industrialism and capitalism have brought to our planet. 

The Noyes Museum exhibit, titled Frozen Earth, will open May 29th. Stay tuned for more details. 

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