Wednesday, February 24, 2016

James A Michener Museum

My group show, Pattern Pieces, has been extended until May 15th! It is such an honor to be apart of this group show. Recently, my work was featured on the Michener Volunteer Voices.

A very special thanks to all the volunteers at the Michener Museum and to  Pam Sergey for writing the article on my work. The volunteer staff really works hard to appreciate and understand the artists and their work. The volunteers at the museum keep the place going with warm smiles and friendly hellos to all the visitors. Some of the activities that these people do are assist with  administrative needs  like  including data entry; they help in the gift shop;  they assist with the children's art workshops, both on-site and offsite; they work with the education department and expand program offerings by assisting with  special events hosts to ensure that the visitor's experience at Museum events is amazing! I often wonder how museums across this county could survive without the dedicated staff volunteers. 

Their in-depth, compressive understanding of my work went beyond the narrative of the work and into the process of how the work is made.  The staff was interested in my journals and how they related to the work. The staff asked for a few pages of my journals to share with the students - one, for the importance of artists writing about the work and reflecting on the process, and second, to show how an artist develops her ideas over time. 

It gave me pause to reflect on the importance of keeping a journal in the studio. This is a journal page from early in 2011 - before the hurricane when I was just working with fence posts, boat and barn wood! I was developing ideas of why the wood was important, looking for connections with the  wood and my life. 

Two years after the storm, I created this piece:

Center Stage, 2014

Here's a link to the blog which I am so humbly grateful to have been included:

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