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2016 Art Fairs NYC Part 1

Wednesday and Thursday were spent at a few of the art fairs in NYC.  The fairs highlighted in today's blog are Spring Break, ADAA and Armory Contemporary Pier.  Part 2 will feature Pulse, the Independent, and Art on Paper.

Let's start with Spring Break. The pieces that resonated with me had considered the structure of the space and the rooms. The artists only had a few hours to see the spaces and created something for that space in less than a week. There was also this curious trend of highlighting the curator as well as the artist. I liked knowing that there was a collaboration between creatives in stragetizing  this exhibit - I mean I know that curators were invited to interpret the theme of "Copy/Paste," but their inclusion in the credit line was super refreshing.
Sarah Hewitt, "Shape Shifter" 
A work in progress - the light was beautiful

Curator: Karin Bravin, Artist: Fabian Marcaccio, "Tridimensional Environmental Painting "
another detail

A personal favorite of mine was David B. Smith's site specific installation of "digitally woven 'paintings' and sculptures to explore how copying and pasting can generate something 'new.'" This work was amazing and was considered one of the darlings of this exhibit by
Jillian Steinhauer  - read her article her from Hyperallergic.
Curator: Jessica Hodin, Artist: David B. Smith, "Extruded Daydream"
detail of the wall hanging 
detail of the sculpture located on the floor

David's work was next door to Chandler's work - the pairing of these two rooms - with extremely different themes- worked seamlessly because of the materiality in both exhibits.
Curator by Jacob Rhodes, Artist: Caroline Wells Chandler, ‘From the Well of Salmakiss,’ 

Curator:  Postmasters Gallery‘s Magda Sawon, Artist: Greg Allen’s Chop Shop 

The viewers could write on the balloons - the contrast of party balloons with the skull/altar was so clever. 

The next four images are from Portable Mind exhibit, Curator: Margaret Lanzetta  with works by
Matthew Northridge,  "The World We Live In"- collages of abstract shapes and colors interfaced with  black and white images of landscapes.
a close up of one image
Martha Clippenger's textiles works inspired by indigenous Zapotecan weavers and their language

Featured in the next three images is Cade Tompkins Projects,  from Providence Rhode Island- another personal favorite; this was an elegant and light filled installation by Aaron Pexa. Cade said that on opening the candles were light to emphasize the casted glass ephemeral quality. Wished I had seen it.

Curator: Catherine Mahoney, Artist: Cate Giordano, ‘Heavy Food,’ 

Some interesting works

 The ADAA was very lovely. The building on Park Avenue gave the fair a sophistication worthy of the art. It is always incredible to think that the possibility of owning a Milton Avery, Romare Bearden, Anges Martin, or Frank Stella exists. If you go, have lunch at Match 65.  

Alder & Conkright Fine Art, Jesus Rafael Soto 

Alex Katz 

Richard Prince at Rhona Hoffman Gallery

Richard Serra drawing

Frank Stella

Giuseppe Penone

Giuseppe Penone

Bill Jacobson

Mary Bauermeister at  Pavel Zoubok

Mary Bauermeister at  Pavel Zoubok

Alice Trumbull Masson

Milton Avery

Charles Burchfield (I believe someone's purse tilted the painting because the label is straight). 

Romare Bearden (this is a fabric collage)

The Armory Contemporary, as my friend Amy Puccio said, was "understated." Lovely great work but still expected work. My favorite section was the African section of galleries. The Armory is still a real treat to see. To see what sold by Thursday afternoon, please read this article. 

Detail of Petah Coyne

Petah Coyne

Ursula von Rydingsvard

McArthur Binion

Angelo Filomeno


El Anatsui (detail)

Romuald Hazaoume

Rifugiato Wappa del Mondo

Rifugiato Wappa del Mondo (detail)

Moffat Takadiwa

Moffat Takadiwa (detail) - laptop and computer keys

Rifugiato Wappa del Mondo

Rifugiato Wappa del Mondo (detail)

Turiya Magadlela

Turiya Magadlela (detail, and yes, they are pantyhose)

Turiya Magadlela

Turiya Magadlela

Kapwani Kiwanga 

Kapwani Kiwanga  (detail)

Alberto Burri



Jose Vera Matos (detail)

Jose Vera Matos

Esther Stocker

Esther Stocker

Julia Bland

Julia Bland

Ward Shelley

Delat Zeller

Shih Chieh Huang

Markus Brunetti

David Austen

James Hlugonin

Allan McCollum

detail of Allan McCollum

Fabian Marrancio


Josh Blackwell

Josh Blackwell

Gabriele Picco 

Gabriele Picco (yes, they are brillo pads)

Susan Hefuna

Susan Hefuna

Susan Hefuna

Rachel Perry

Rachel Perry (detail)

Sharon Core

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