Monday, March 21, 2016

Art Fairs, Sculpture Gardens, and Flower Shows

This review will cover several shows. Let's start where I left off last time with the art fairs. I encourage all artists to visit the art fairs once in their life time. It is such a treat- overwhelming at times, but so educational and informative. Saturday, March 5th,  started with a visit to Pulse. I went specifically to see the works at Pentimenti Gallery. This is a progressive gallery located in the Old City Philadelphia. The gallery owner is a real mover and shaker in the Philly art scene and is widely respected for her curatorial eye.  Should you ever find yourself in the City of Brotherly Love, please visit the gallery located on North Second Street.

Two works by artist Derrick Velasquez

A side view and frontal view of a singular work by Simmen Farhat.

Walking around, I discovered  Marna Shopff represented by Jonathan Ferrara Gallery.

Cynthia Reeves was showcasing the works of Jaehyo Lee (the first three) and Steven Siegel (last three)

There was one work that provided a great selfie op:

Black and White Gallery from Brooklyn featured the works of Isidro Blasco. 

Let's review the Independent Art Fair. This one was my least favorite of the art fairs that I had seen this year. For me, the problem was the venue. The building was extremely vertical. Not just speaking about the various floors one had to walk up or down to see art. But the venue had such high ceilings. The high ceilings  in combination with the  partitioning display walls created an inharmonious viewing experience.

There was just to much verticality. However, the red dots told a different story. One edition of a print was sold multiple (like 5 ) times!

Herald St Gallery's Alexandra Birchen's Combination Series.

 A sculptural gem was discovered at David Kordansky's booth was Evan Holloway.


And finally, Charles Mayton represented by  David Lewis Gallery.

The Art on Paper Fair was a blast. Believe it or not, one attendee said, "I can't believe everything here is made of paper," 

Jason Hughes at Randall Scott Projects, if it looks familiar, it should, it is currency. 

and an artist working...

The Philadelphia Flower Show.  I will admit it, I am a flower junkie. The gardening catalogs - hell, even the seed catalogs- make my heart skip a beat. I went to the PFS as soon as it opened because it is the most crowded event that I have ever attended. I highly recommend getting there early and going. There are lots of ideas from this show that inspired me for my art practice as well as my own yard. I suspect that my hands will be very dirty this spring. 

For another delight, please visit, The Grounds for Sculpture.   Not only are the outside sculptures wonderful, but there are amazing indoor exhibits as well. One that will be there some time is Paul Henry Ramirez's Rattle exhibit. This show is a magical , musical, adventuresome world of color and shape which lives in stark contrast to the natural work just outside the window. 

Yours truly enjoying one of my favorite spaces at GFS - the little room surrounded by Dana Stewart's sculptures. 
Installation shots of Paul Henry Ramirez's work: 

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